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Why we exist as a business?

Each customer shops online with a specific purpose—whether they are buying for their entire family, or shopping for that perfect outfit for a friend's wedding—they have a mission.

Personify XP help retailers understand what their customers are shopping for right now and use that to truly personalise their experience, replicating the same personalised in-store experience customers have come to cherish and crave online.

Personify XP focuses in real-time on your customers’ current shopping missions. These missions change each time a shopper visits your website and this can’t be identified by only looking at past purchases, or the single item they are viewing. We focus on consumers behaviors on every visit, so you can provide relevant product recommendations that your consumers will love and purchase.

Meet Our Team?

Personify XP’s team have over 15 years of experience at the forefront of online retail. We love to chat about anything ecommerce so drop us a message for a chat.

Ben Mercer

CEO & Co-founder

Ben has been involved in ecommerce for just under ten years working with a number of start-ups and established software companies to drive their revenue growth.


Joshua Scotton

COO & Co-Founder

Josh is the brains behind Personify XP. With a PhD from the Intelligent Systems group at the University of Warwick, he has worked with some of the world’s largest companies across Retail, Finance, CPG and Travel. Josh has spent the last 10 years living out his passion for personalization, researching customer analytics, marketing and customer engagement modelling.


Our Values

Customer Experience First

Your customer’s success is our success.

Empower You

Do the kind of work that brings out your passion.

Stop, Collaborate & Listen

We create amazing things when we work together.

Innovate now

Test and learn to create incredible customer experiences.

Have Fun

We get one go around at this – lets have fun doing it.

Contact Us

85 Frampton St, Marylebone, London NW8 8NQ

+44 (0) 203 879 1744

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