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The Personify
Experience Platform (PXP)

Our platform enables Retailers and Brands to convert more anonymous visitors into lifetime customers.

We provide a platform with AI at the heart of all the platform's decisioning that automates digital experiences across all of your channels in real-time.

Personalise your entire digital experience across all channels including your website, mobile application, in-store, call centre, chat bot and all other emerging channels.

Our platform provides immediate invaluable insght into your customers and your products through our Insight tool.

You own the experience. Integrate seamlessly into your existing e-commerce infrastructure.

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Large Brands Choose Personify XP

Your Expected Success?

By focusing on converting your anonymous users using Personify XP we expect:

Reduce bounce
rates by


Increase time spent
on site by


Increase revenue by


Increase page views
per session by


Why We Are Different?

Anonymous Visitors

95% of web visitors are anonymous. Our platform provides powerful automated personalisation.

Mission focused

Personify XP learns why a buyer is purchasing (the mission) and automatically recommends mission related products/services.

AI driven

The intelligence is built-in and learns from experience with minimal user input.

Easy to implement

2 weeks to implement with immediate results.

Proven Results

Revenue increase by 15%. Conversion increase by 35%.

No risk

Pay on results.

What We Do?

Personify XP's AI recognises the different shopping missions that your shoppers have.

Missions change each time a shopper visits a website. For anonymous users personalisation based on past purchases is not effective.

We focus on your customers behaviour by recognising their mission during each visit and provide relevant recommendations that your customers will love and keep.

Anonymous Shopper?
Real Time?
Mission Based?

Mission accomplished.

How We Do It?


Go Live Faster

We work with you to analyse your shoppers' missions. We then deliver an API first integration into your existing e-commerce infrastructure to deliver in real-time content and products to your anonymous shoppers based on their missions.

Launch in 2 weeks.


Personalise & Delight

Our AI-first platform delivers in real-time products and content to your shoppers on whichever channel they are accessing you through to drive higher conversion rates and build brand advocacy.

Deliver an exceptional experience to your customers whilst increasing your revenue and conversion rates.


ROI from Day Zero

Delight your customers from day one, with a flexible commercial model that is aligned to your success.

Immediate invaluable insight into your customers and your products through our Insight platform.